Lunch Information

Anchorage School District Middle School Prices 2016-2017

Student Breakfast $ ?

Reduced-Price Breakfast $ ?

Student Lunch $ ?

Reduced-Price Lunch $ ?

Milk $ ?

Lactose-Free Milk $ ?


For more information about the Free and Reduced Meal Program, go to Student Nutrition's page.


Lunch account balances

You can now get notification when your child’s lunch account balance runs low. 

Parents can enter information in Zangle ParentConnection to receive an email or phone call once their child's balance is below the threshold that the parent sets. Once logged in to Zangle, select Online Payments and then Student Balance Notifications.



For weekly school lunch menus go to Student Nutrition's High School Lunch Menu page.



There are two ways to prepay for meals:

1. Prepay in the office.

2. Pay online via ParentConnection. (If your parent needs their PIN/Password, please have them stop by the office or give us a call.)