Graduation Requirements

Language Arts (4 credits)

  • English I, English II, English III, English IV
  • or AP Literature and Language for Juniors and Seniors

Mathematics (3.0 credits)

  • Six semesters

    Students must complete course work contained or founded in Algebra I level math skills or demonstrate by examination.

Science (3 credits)

  • Two semesters of life science
  • Two semesters of physical science
  • Two semester of science elective

Social Studies (4 credits)

  • World History 
  • US History 
  • One semester of Alaska Studies
  • One semester of Economics
  • One semester of US Government
  • One semester of a Social Studies elective 

Electives (7 credits)

  • Fourteen elective courses to pursue individual educational goals include additional courses in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Fine Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, and Career Technology

Regular school schedule:
6 classes per day for a semester earns 3 credits

Each semester class is worth 1/2 credit

Physical Education (1.5 credits)

Three semesters of physical education graduation requirements can be fulfilled by passing the required Lifetime Personal Fitness course plus 2 other physical education classes.

  • Students may obtain a waiver of .25 of the physical education graduation requirement for each full season of Anchorage School District sports participation. Elective credit must be earned to replace the Physical Education/Health Education requirement that is waived. A waiver of the physical education requirement under this section does not affect the overall minimum requirements of 22.5 credits.

  • Lifetime Personal Fitness can be waived by:

    • successful completion of a fitness and written test administered by Health and Physical Education Department; or

    • participation in two seasons of ASAA-sanctioned extracurricular sports and successful completion of the written test administered by the Health and Physical Education Department.

  • Students may also waive physical education requirements through Credit-By-Choice, correspondence, college coursework, or field study programs.

  • A maximum of 1.0 waiver of the physical education requirement is available upon completion of 1 full year of JROTC and the subsequent summer camp.

  • Healthy Life Skills and First Aid are not repeatable upon receiving a passing grade in a previous semester.